Adolescent Research: Invitation to Counselors

Professionals in the U.S. who provide services to adolescents (13-18 years old) who might benefit from screening for alcohol or drug abuse are invited to take part in our Adolescent SASSI-A3 validation project.

Study Aim:

The SASSI Institute is conducting a research study to validate an updated version of our adolescent screening inventory against the recently-released DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for substance use disorders. The SASSI-A3 Validation Study protocol SA3V17, #201703760 has been approved by the Schulman Institutional Review Board. We aim to provide practitioners with an effective tool to address the public health epidemic of adolescent prescription opioid and other prescription drug abuse, and substance use disorders more generally. Your contribution of screenings to this research is vital to its success.

Benefits of Study Participation:

Use of the SASSI Online screening platform to administer the research version of the instrument is available to you at no charge for study screenings. Teen participants who agree to contribute their anonymous screening responses to the study will earn the opportunity to select a youth- or pet-focused charity as the recipient of a donation made by The SASSI Institute.

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